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What is MSCONFIG and how to use it

What is MSCONFIG and how to use it

Microsoft System Configuration utility MSCONFIG is a tool available in some Windows versions (98, 98SE, ME, XP) which is very helpful to maintain and troubleshoot Windows startup programs. This utility provides various maintenance tasks, but the most important one is the ability to control programs loading to your Computer memory when starting up your PC.

Why Microsoft system configuration utility is useful?

PC users install different type of software for various purposes. Some of these software loads automatically to your computer memory each time you start your PC. This is not easily visible and hidden in the background. Some of the programs are necessary to load at the start but some are not necessary. Loading unnecessary programs at the startup can lead to various problems such as Taking unnecessary space of the computer memory.
Slow down startup process
Slow down the computer speed.
Startup problems due to corrupted files.
System crash.

How to use MSCONFIG utility for computer maintenance and troubleshoot Windows startup problems?

Click Start button and select "Run" Then type MSCONFIG
It should open a screen similar to below depending on your Windows version. I am using screens from Windows XP.
Click start & select RUN, then type msconfig to run the utility

There are few panels (tabs) available for various tasks. But the most useful one for a normal PC user is "Startup" tab.

Startup tab in msconfig

When you select Startup tab you will see various programs loading to your computer memory every time when you turn on your PC. The list of programs can vary from PC to PC. However, few programs are essential to load at the startup such as Firewall and antivirus programs
Scan registry
Load power profile
System tray
Task monitor
So do not disable these programs.
You can disable others by un-ticking. Please ensure that you can recognize the program before un-ticking.
Click OK button to save the changes. The system will prompt you to restart the PC.

MSCONFIG is not available in Windows 95, NT and 2000.

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