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Are you ready for the new Internet ? IPv6 yes or no

http://us.mg61.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launchMain News:

Other News:
Europe's supply of IPv4 addresses nearing depletion

North America Set to Allow IPv4 Address Transfers to Asia

Transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is a mammoth exercise

IPv6: where are we now?


Corporate and Products:
IPv6 co-founder talks protocol security

Qualys Adds IPv6 Support to FreeScan Service

Apple Remote Desktop Updated With IPv6 Support

IPv6: Don't Forget About Your Switches!

What Enterprises Should Do about IPv6

U.S. Army Awards "Enterprise" Secure FTP Server Contract

IPv4 is over
Are you ready for the new Internet ?
The IPv6 Company

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Free IPv6 book "IPv6 for All" in high quality PDF:

There is also a document, in Spanish, detailing the situation from the European and Spanish perspective.

Documents, firmware and software from our previous web site, still in the same page:

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