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Announcement...Regarding BB 8220,8520,8900,9XXX Unlocking Information & Unlock Code

Announcement...Regarding BB 8220,8520,8900,9XXX Unlocking Information & Unlock Code
Hi to all, especialy to newbies,, There non free Unlocker tool for blackberry 8220,8520,8900,9530,9500,9630 , Mfi Multiloder not supported ATM, only there are following way you can

1: Service Tools(check at Hard/Software-Products section)

2: buy unlock code/unlock by imei (check at Main Sales Section or Software or online Server Products section)

3: If you want to try to get Free unlock code please Go to Phone Unlocking Codes & Maps section , & check there, Dont't make post/request at Blackberry section as wrong section !!!

In blackberry section many of unlock requesting topic regarding blackberry 8220,8900,9530,9500,9630. there are nothing technical info & spamper using it his sales advertisements.
so from now all regarding blackberry 8220,8900,9530,9500,9630 unlock requesting threads will be closed/deleted because of sales spam.
however all welcomed here to Post any technical or researches and informations for blackberry if you know or have unlocking solution):

hope ppl follow well

::.::RAMJAN::.::@Gsmhosting Moderators Team
Thanks To Ramjan @Gsmhosting Moderators Team

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